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About Sanetech


Sanetech Joint Stock Company was established in 2010, is one of the leading companies in the field of technology solutions for water treatment - waste water - M & E - works for projects throughout the country. The company is the official representative of many famous companies in the world, we are providing exclusive equipment technology companies in Vietnam with the products of industrial equipment, mechanical equipment, Experiences for the industry: Beer - Beverages - Food - Pharmaceuticals - Health - Building materials - Transportation ... and especially the field of Environmental treatment.


Our clients include Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Factories, Labs - Biochemistry - Environmental Labs. Water and wastewater treatment works for factories and factories to hotel restaurants, civil works, transportation ...


We advise and provide to customers the latest European technology products. Perform after-sales services including: manual, package installation, maintenance and equipment maintenance. These services are carried out with the help of the supplier, from the supply of spare parts, technical consultancy, professional training to complex installation involving foreign experts.


The company operates based on the capacity and management capacity of experienced staff, with access to modern technology from advanced countries. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality equipment and professional technical support.

Our motto is: Professional - Quality - Effectiveness.



Sanetech operates in the following areas:

Design consultancy - Environmental treatment:

This is the foundation field of the company from the date of its establishment with the scale of expanding. We provide complete services from consultancy - design - construction - supply installation - treatment of feed water, sewage, mechanical systems, treatment of blindness - dust, solid waste, treatment Softener (Softener), Demi ... The post-treatment works must meet the standards of Vietnam Industrial Parks and Standards to ensure the safety of their release into the environment, to protect precious water resources and protect the environment. And improve public health.

Currently we provide equipment and technology solutions in the following areas:

- Food processing, beer and beverage.

- Civil works, commercial areas, hospitals, hotels, resorts ...

- Industrial factories, seafood processing, paper, rubber, sugar, flour, food ...

- Water treatment of alum, salinity, disinfection of water, Nitrate, H2S, Phosphate, Arsenic, hard ...

- Textile and dyeing industry, printing.

- Petrochemicals, metallurgy.

- Circulating water treatment in aquaculture (shrimp, fish)



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